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Thank you for exploring more about us! Splashifieds is a wind & water sports marketplace, community, and resource center. The droplet that formed Splashifieds fell out of a bad experience on another on-line classifieds service. Along with the out cry on social media sites concerning scams,  it was obvious a more secure and modern marketplace for wind & water sports was needed. And so, Splashifieds was born!

Splashified's goal is to build a fun, safe & secure portal for riders and enthusiast. A wind and water sports portal, built by contributing riders like yourself. So, if you have something you would like to see here or contribute, let us know by clicking here. The content we are looking for can be anything related to kiteboarding, winging, Foiling e.t.c.

Another one of our goals is to give back, by helping other orginizations that focus on healing our bodies of water and the enviroment. One of the ways of doing this will be through the raffles of amazing gear, vacation packages and more. Proceeds will go out to the orginzation named in that raffle. This is also a great way for those wishing to promote their products because we are allowing others to raffle gear on our website! Contact us for more details on how to set up your own raffles.

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If you would like to advertise your products or services on Splashifieds, then be sure to check out our Advertising Details Page. We will be offering banner ad spots as well as offering the ability to run raffles which is an exceptional way of promoting your stuff. Click here for more details

Thanks again for checking us out!
Splashifieds Staff