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Tips On Avoiding Scams:

Please note that Splashifieds is a secure website. The https:// before our domain name (seen in your browsers address bar), means we have a transfer layer security (TLS). TLS helps encrypt your data so hackers or scammers have more difficulty accessing your information. Most browsers will also display a locked lock symbol in the address bar next to the domain ensuring it is secure. We also have various features deployed to help deter hackers but your best protecting is yourself and using the tips below.

1) Reverse Image Search
One of the fastest and easiest ways to verify a listing is legit is to perform a reverse image search on the listing's image(s). This can be done with Google Images. To do this, right-click on an image which should spawn a menu. Click the option for "copy image link" or similar within that menu. Next, go to Google Images and click the camera icon that appears in the search bar. This will spawn a text entry field where you can paste in the link. If you don’t get any search results, then the user took the photo themselves and hasn’t posted it elsewhere.
Otherwise, scroll through the results to see if the image was posted somewhere else, by someone else. If you notice the same image, or user, or person sharing the image, make sure the information matches between listings. Avoid buying items that only have stock images.

2) Request A Live Video Viewing
NOTE: All items listed on our website has a live video viewing request button, located towards the bottom of the item's images. Always request a video viewing with the seller and have them show the item for sale along with any defects the item might have. You may even request to see a photo or video of the shipping receipt once they ship it

3) Watch For Poor Grammar
Misspelled words, sentences written in all caps and strange symbols are good indicators that the ad is a scam.

4) View Reviews
Always check the persons feedback rating before buying. Generally, it's safe to proceed If you don’t see any reviews. They may be new. Watch out for reviews that use the same wording or reviews that have been posted within a few hours of each another.

5) Beware of Unusual Pricing
Check prices of similar items you’re interested in, and beware of unusual low or high pricing. Speak directly to a buyer if the transaction amount is unusually small or large.

6) Video Call / Chat
Always request a video chat with the seller and have them show the item for sale with them. This is also a good time to have them zoom in on any defects the item might have. You may even request to see a photo or video of the shipping receipt once they ship it. 

7) Never Give Out Your
Never give out your bank account information, social security number, or passwords. You may also want to keep your address info to yourself until the sale is made. Never provide information in a private message to a buyer or seller.

8) Use A Credit Card
Try to use a credit card rather than a debit card when buying. Credit cards usually have zero-liability policies to help protect you. You can also usually sign up for fraud alerts.

9) Buying In Person
Generally it is best to buy and sell in person so both parties can view and agree about the condition of the item(s) being sold. Use cash when buying or selling in person and only bring the amount you agreed upon. Use a person-to-person payment app if you don’t have cash such as PayPal, Venmo, or Cash App. Make sure your transaction goes through completely before exchanging the product. Always meet in a well lit public place where there will be other people around. Tell someone else where you’re going and bring a friend with you. Keep your phone on you throughout the transaction in case there’s an emergency.

10) Avoid Checks, Gift Cards & Transfers
Avoid using money transfers or checks whether you’re buying or selling. Various scams can arise from these methods of payment. Never make or take gift cards as payment.

11) Internet Security
Only make purchases over secure Internet connections. Avoid using wifi networks that aren’t password-protected. Always log into a wifi network with a password or use the data services on your phone.

12) Be Aware of Unusual Activity
Scammers may choose the most expensive shipping options, have their orders sent internationally, or have them shipped to PO boxes. Activity such as receiving emails at unusual hours may also be a flag.

13) Sellers, Take Detailed Photos
Take detailed pictures from multiple angles of your items to avoid false damage claims. Keep the images on file for at least 90 days.

14) Sellers, Get Shipping Insurance
Get shipping insurance to cover damage from transit or scammers claiming they received the item(s) broken. Make sure the insurance covers the amount of the items being sold.

15) Use Verification Services
Coming soon! If you ever feel uncomfortable about a buyer or seller, you can explore using our ID Verification service. This service will check the persons ID to validate they are who they say they are and that they live within the US or Canada. This can be helpful if there is an issue with the product being purchased and legal actions are required.

16) Buy / Sell Agreement
We will be offering a service soon that will allow the use of an easy to fill out buy/sell agreement between buyer and seller. Details coming soon.

17) Ask A Local
This feature is in development. Once completed, it will allow a buyer to send out a query about an item for sale to Splashifieds members that live or ride within a certain geographical area of the seller. It will allow them to respond back stating if they know the person selling, or the item being sold. These members can choose to provide details about the item being sold if they do recognize it, or the person selling.

*Please note that Splashifieds will at no time mediate any transaction that did not transpire satisfactory for either party. Buyers and Sellers will need to resolve disputes between themselves or through a mediation service. Please read our Terms & Privacy page for complete details

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